Sell To Us

As the largest buyers of Australia, Colonies and related philatelic fields in Australia, Richard Juzwin Stamps recently paid over $1M for an individual collection. We offer an alternative to the uncertainties of an auction. By selling direct to us you can avoid lengthy delays, and the complications of the Auction process. Instead, we provide a competitive market price and immediate payment in full. All of our dealings are strictly confidential and private.

Richard and Andy Juzwin are regular interstate and international visitors, seeking buying opportunities. We also attend all major stamp fairs and exhibitions, and can always arrange to visit you personally.


Competitive prices offered for:

  • Specialised and comprehensive collections; individual rare stamps of the British Commonwealth
  • Australia including Kangaroos, KGV, General Issues, Imprints, plate blocks, monograms, die & plate proofs, essays, booklets.
  • All imperfs, missing colour, major varieties
  • Postage Dues
  • Australian Colonies – scarce individual items and fine collections
  • Papua, GRI, New Guinea, NWPI, New Zealand

We are very competitive buyers in the Australian market, so please ensure that you receive our comparative quote before you decide to sell.